Apple promotes AirPods Pro in new Jump ad ahead of rumored AirPods 3 #Apple

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#Apple | We’ve been hearing rumors about AirPods 3 for a while now, and there’s strong evidence that Apple will introduce the next generation of its entry-level wireless earbuds next week. Meanwhile, ahead of all these rumors, Apple has just shared a new advertisement highlighting AirPods Pro. Titled “Jump,” the new video shows an AirPods Pro user […]
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Neil Dusheiko creates home for father

#Home | A wall of storage filled with art and ceramics features inside this house that architect Neil Dusheiko has renovated for his father-in-law in north London
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Are Dark Green Walls the New White Walls Short Answer We Think Maybe

#Short |   Remember that time that I wrote all about how much white walls are only for insanely boring people with no taste/personality? Okay, that’s not what I wrote, exactly, and I definitely do not agree with that statement. Interesting people can have white walls, too! In fact, I ::gasp:: might even paint my living room… Read More
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