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#Mdash | Its been hard for me not to be able to share any new projects with you guys since they are almost all embargoed for the next book (which I AM working on!). Except I had this one beauty that I could share– finally!!!  On Friday Elle Decor published some photos from it…
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How to Create an Inspiring Home Office Space

#Office | Whether you have just one small corner of your den to work with, or an entire designated room, you can carve out a home office that’s all your own just about anywhere you can place a desk. This guide walks you through how to create an inspiring home office.
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Studio closet reveal

#Studio | The studio closet is finally finished!  I cannot express how awesome it is to have all of that functional storage in this space now.  It was one of my goals this year to make my workspaces more functional and that has been accomplished in my studio and home office. If you missed any previous posts in the studio closet series, … Read More
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