Nicoise Toast Recipe

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#Toast Recipe | Fried bread, with buttery oil-packed tuna on top. This is what you call dinner toast.
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Pferdemuffins ndash das Tupfelchen auf dem i bei der Pferdegeburtstagsparty

#Ndash | Prinzessin hatten wir schon – was will ein Mädchen mehr? Richtig – Pferde… Für den Kindergeburtstag gab es heuer Pferdemuffins. Also einen Muffin mit Pferdekopf aus Fondant drauf …
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Creme Brulee Mille Crepe Cake

#Creme Brulee | Twenty layers of delicate crêpes, smothered with a cloud-like vanilla bean whipped pastry cream and topped with a thin layer of crunchy, brûléed caramel.    I think we could come to an agreement that a lot of times, food fusions are more about flaunting looks and boasting wow factor than they are about the taste. I’m …
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